Collection: 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Medical Supports

Using our 20 years of experience within the sports industry the UP team developed a range of high-quality medical support and therapy products. Each product is thoroughly tested and tweaked to ensure it meets our high standards before reaching the market.

Since 2011 their range has been extensively expanded to include sports tapes, massage therapy, foot care, and first aid supplies as well as increasing their already successful range of supports and hot/cold therapy products.

Their braces and supports are arranged by body part and you can now find supports for the arch, ankle, Achilles tendon, shin, calf, knee, thigh, groin, wrist, thumb, elbow, back, and shoulder.  All of the supports are graded by the level of support that they provide.  From  Basic support level 1 to our Maximum support level 4 the supports and braces can help with the management of your injury depending on which stage your recovery is at.