Ten Top Tips on Preventing Blisters

Ten Top Tips on Preventing Blisters

No,ooooo not another blister!!!

Blisters are not fun, and they can impact your walking or running tremendously. Not to mention, if not cared for, they can become infected. 

Blisters are caused by continuous friction of the skin whilst performing your activity. Over time, as the skin rubs together, it creates a avoid between the tops layers of the skin which fill with fluid.

Black pair of running shoes, one on and one off, showing bare foot

Prevention is the key!

Here are our top ten tips to prevent blisters.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes for the activity. Whether you are walking, jogging or hiking your shoes should be suitable for that specific activity.
  2. Ensure your shoes fit correctly. It is worth the investment to avoid losing a race or your foot becoming infected.
  3. Sprinkle baby powder on your feet. This is a cool little trick; it helps to prevent moisture build up in the shoes and prevents your foot from slipping.
  4. Moisturise your feet, by applying a moisture treatment you can minimise friction by creating a barrier between your foot and the shoe.
  5. Where double lined socks. The inner layer moves with your foot, whilst the outer layer moves with your shoe. Check these out!!
  6. Wear moisture wicking socks - these sweeps away sweat and keeps your foot healthy and dry.
  7. Wear blister free socks. Designed to minimise friction with guaranteed NO BLISTERS
  8. Spray your foot with anti-perspirant, will assist in keeping moisture away.
  9. Never run in wet socks
  10. Tape up any problematic areas.
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