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Halo Air Mesh X3 Pullover Headband

Halo Air Mesh X3 Pullover Headband

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Halo Air Mesh X3 Pullover Headband

The halo X3 pullover headband is made with 3 front layers of high quality dryline® fabric which maximises sweat absorption. The side panels are made with exclusive air fabric which increases air flow to help keep you cool and comfortable.

Available in 2 sizes S/M & L/XL.

This 3 inch headband is wider than the standard 2 inch pullover 


  • Patented Sweatseal
  • No sweat in eyes
  • Grip Technology
  • Non-slip
  • Dryline Fabric
  • 3 front layers for extreme absorption
  • Mesh Backed
  • Cool breathability
  • Fit
  • One size fits all and fits under most helmets
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