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Ultimate Performance F3D Support Insole - low arched or flat feet

Ultimate Performance F3D Support Insole - low arched or flat feet

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The Advanced Performance F3D Support insole is perfect for runners and walkers who overpronate and have low-arched or flat feet.

It combines 3mm of Anti-shock foam damping with stability and support. As a result, they are great for mildly, moderately, and severely over-pronating runners. 

These insoles are designed to reduce the chance of long-term injuries, improve comfort, and aid in recovery time. With a full-length memory foam layer, they provide a superior arch-conforming fit and comfort.

- Suitable for running, hiking, gym, and other physical activities
- Compatible with most sports shoes with a removable insole
- High support to accommodate an overpronated foot type, assisting in injury recovery and prevention
- Shock-absorbing design to lift the burden off your feet, knees and hips
- Full-length insole reduces impact forces acting on the heel and forefoot and encourages a natural gait
- Biomechanical support, cushioned arch support, and Met Pad help ward off fatigue and pain from the ground up
- Latex free

Reduces your risk of and provides relief from:
- Osteoarthritis
- Patella Tendonitis
- ITB Syndrome
- Runner's Knee
- Shin Splints / Compartment Syndrome
- Achilles Tendonitis
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Bunions

Directions: 1000 Mile recommends wearing them gradually over a couple of weeks to allow your body to adapt to a healthier gait and posture without discomfort.

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