Collection: Head Bands

Halo Headband is a high quality sweatband manufacturer located in San Diego, California.

Since 2001, Halo Headband has been producing hand crafted, high performance head-wear using the best fabrics and sewing techniques available. Designed for both men and women, they created a proven sweat control system that redirects sweat away from your eyes.

The proprietary SweatSeal with Grip Technology is what separates them from the competition. The SweatSeal continually redirects sweat away from your eyes, face and glasses.

The Grip Technology prevents the sweatband from slipping. The sweatband can also be used to keep your hair away from your face.

Halo Headbands absorb, wick and evaporate sweat effectively. If you enjoy cycling, running, lacrosse, field hockey, hiking, tennis, soccer, pickleball or any other activity that makes you sweat, they have the perfect Halo Headband for you and we an supply you here at PATSports.